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The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction: Favorite Methods of Master Clinicians

Edited by Mark P. Jensen.

Hypnotic inductions are known to enhance response to the suggestions which follow, and research shows that the choice of induction and its method of presentation contribute to treatment efficacy.  In this edited volume, eleven master clinicians with over 350 years of combined clinical experience discuss the key factors necessary for effective hypnotic inductions and provide specific examples of the inductions they have found to be most effective.

The first in the Voices of Experience series.


Praise for The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction:

"The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction is a treasure trove of inductions with an exciting variety to accommodate patients’ and clinicians’ personal styles, to find the right voice. —Elvira V. Lang, MD, FSIR, FSCEH, author of Patient Sedation without Medication

This is a rich read. The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction encompasses hypnotic language, the therapeutic relationship, conceptual and systemic underpinnings—the very fabric of therapy. —Leora Kuttner, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, British Columbia Children’s Hospital and University of British Columbia, and author of A Child in Pain: How to Help, What to Do

“Renowned authorities on contemporary hypnotic practice provide previously undisclosed principles of how to compose effective hypnotic inductions. A fundamental reference for both the tyro and the expert. This entrancing collection is a must read for those interested in contemporary hypnotic practice.” —Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

I recently purchased your  book, The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction, and think it is absolutely invaluable. I am on the teaching faculty of the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis; we are preparing for our upcoming basic and intermediate trainings.  I plan to introduce the book to our faculty and to make it required reading. I suspect it will soon become a staple both for students and for experienced practitioners. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the field!” –Rebecca S. Johnston, PhD


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